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Sonic Hedgehog (SatAM)
Your name: Mega
Your LJ: dorked
Character name: Sonic Hedgehog
Character source: SatAM
Point at which taken from source: Post-Doomsday

Personality: Sonic of the SatAM series is a bit different from his game counterpart. Rather than being a laid back guy looking for adventure, this Sonic is, to put it bluntly, a nineties hero. He’s impatient, egotistical, uses lots of slang and corny catchphrases, and doesn’t always use his head. At times he may come across as a bit stubborn and vain, opting not to think things through half the time, which leads to a lot of arguments between himself and Princess Sally, his best friend and ‘main squeeze’, as he so eloquently put it in the episode Super Sonic. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Sonic’s a bad guy; on the contrary, he truly does care for his friends and fellow Freedom Fighters and won’t hesitate to lend them a hand. He just has an odd way of showing it sometimes, but even then there are moments where he’s genuinely worried or perhaps even sweet. In fact, in two episodes he actually cries, which is something that can’t exactly be said for his counterparts in the other continuities. Does this make him mopey? No, but it shows that even someone with “Hedgehog Perfection” has a soft side. …sometimes.

Items: Backpack, maybe a power ring or two, and some chili dogs.

History: Sonic spent his early years in Mobotropolis, where he lived with his Uncle Chuck. Back then things were simpler, there was no Robotnik, no roboticizer, just his Unc’, his friends, and the occasional chili dog. This all took a wrong turn when Warlord Julian, later known as Robotnik, betrayed the King and began to take over. He and his friends witnessed many of their relatives become robot slaves to Robotnik and had no choice but to flee to a village called Knothole.

Fast forward ten years, and Sonic, Sally, and the other children from Mobotropolis are now known as the Freedom Fighters. For years they had been battling Robotnik’s tyranny in hopes of restoring peace and Freedom to Mobius. They had gone on several different missions, from destroying SWATbot factories to even traveling through time, and along the way Sonic and the others even made new friends and were reunited with old friends and family, such as Sonic’s Uncle Chuck. Sonic himself had been through numerous things, including losing speed and even his memory.

Eventually, though, Robotnik started a Doomsday project, which could very well doom the planet. It was then that Sonic and Sally had no choice but to use the Deep Power Stones, lest they let the planet fall into ruin. In the end, the power was enough to defeat Robotnik, or so it seemed. One major victory for the Freedom Fighters indeed… little did they realize, Snively was still around, with a new ally.

This is a roleplaying journal for station_square by dorked.
Sonic belongs to SEGA and DiC.